when you’re too full but the food is so good you just keep eating it


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Okay, but this movie wins the award for Best Use of Manpain, tho.

In any other movie, Raleigh would’ve spent 90 minutes being like MY PAIN IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR STUPID WAR, and instead, he snaps back into action as soon as he meets Mako. That’s awesome. But what floors me is that he uses his own grief to help Mako survive hers. He knows how awful it is to lose your family. He knows what she’s going through. And instead of whining or thinking his pain makes him entitled to opt out of his responsibilities, he empathizes with Mako, supports her, and encourages her.

Raleigh’s greatest strength is his compassion. And that’s the kind of male hero I’d like to see on my screen, please.

Plus, like, a bazillion more movies about Mako Mori.

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The Three Most Common Responses Given by Gigging Bassists:


1. When an upright bassist is asked to play an electric bass…


2. When an electric bassist is asked to play a double bass…


3. When the bassist/anomaly is actually proficient on both beasts…


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if you don’t have this on your blog you’re running the wrong sort of blog


if you don’t have this on your blog you’re running the wrong sort of blog

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Anonymous said: Pro-life doesn't mean you care about the unborn fetus MORE than the born, it means that you care AS MUCH about the unborn as the born.


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Tumblr Savior

Where have you been all my life? I might be able to stomach tumblr for a bit longer per session now.

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You’ve been buttering your cats wrong this whole time.

Science side of tumblr strikes again

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